Being young in the bedroom - Takbok for young people

Takbok is safe to use for over 18s - all the way up to 80. But let's talk about the younger generations, more towards the 18years of the spectrum.

Young guys that are new to being sexually active are very much still trying to figure out how things work when there's a partner involved (they tend to get the solo thing down a little quicker). We're talking to you, here.

When you're starting out as a young sexually active adult and starting to have intimate encounters with partners, the game changes. Most guys are nervous about their own performance, trying to look and perform their best, all while trying to figure out what their partner enjoys. This is a lot of pressure and many guys struggle with -

  • premature ejaculation
  • weak erection due to psychological stress
  • starting strong but going soft halfway¬†through
  • not finishing at all

In other cases, enthusiasm takes over and the frequency of young couples' intimate encounters suddenly increases dramatically. Drinking plenty of fluids will only take you so far - at some point your stamina runs out. Women don't have this issue, because they do not require the same physical stamina to maintain an erection.

Takbok takes away the stress during this period of your life. When you know that your physiology will perform exactly as it should, your stamina will hold up, and your erection will be strong and reliable - you can focus more on figuring things out with a partner. You can devote more attention to the intimate experience and become more comfortable, more quickly.

By removing the physical worries from your first performances, young men can become better lovers quicker, pay more attention to their partners, and build their confidence quicker. Plus, they can have more fun and experience stronger, more satisfying finishes.