No boring adults allowed - here are some Adventure Date Ideas to light your fire

Being an adult is not the most exciting job.

Most semi-responsible adults know how easily life catches you up in its daily routines, work, kids, dogs, parents, and a hundred other responsibilities. And through these daily tasks, we take our partners for granted as part of our routine...


In May, we're rediscovering adventure in relationships and how you can have #morefun with your partner.

Why is it important to keep the flame of adventure burning?

Doing typical adventurous activities are good for us - not only because it rips you out of your routine, but when you're facing adventurous activities your hormones become your best friend - there's nothing like a cocktail of adrenaline and endorphins to set the mood for some adult adventures after dark..

Luckily, South Africa is packed with adventure around every corner.

Keep the flame burning with these Adventure Date Ideas

  1. If heights freak you out, then go to a local Acrobranch spot for an adrenaline-filled brunch or a Skydining dinner.
  2. If you want to kick that up a notch, find your nearest Canopy Tours and strap in for some fun gliding on a series of cable slides through the treetops.
  3. If you like heights but for some reason you don't like trees, then you can get an adrenaline fix with an abseiling adventure with Abseiling Africa in Cape Town or do the Soweto Towers bungee jump in Gauteng.
  4. If you don't like heights and also dislike falling through the air, then a cable car adventure in Cape Town or Harties might be more your speed.
  5. But if you prefer something more romantic, do that hot air balloon ride. Contact a company near you that can include a champagne breakfast and you've got it all. 
  6.  If speed is more your speed, racetracks across South Africa hosts driving events where you can discover your inner F1 driver in high performance cars around the track. If you're in Gauteng, check out Zwartkops Racetrack's schedule.
  7. But if you suspect your partner isn't a good enough driver to handle this, stay safe by checking in at your local go-kart racing course.
  8. Who doesn't like friendly competition? Go bowling! At best you win and get to lord it over your partner - at worst, your partner bent over right in front of you a bunch of times - your engine will still be revving when you get home.
  9. Staying in the theme of child-like adult fun, when last did you feel the death grip of your partner on a rollercoaster? Take a day off from work and visit an amusement park - getting home with flushed cheeks will set the mood just right.
  10. Moving from land to water - South Africa has some of the best dams to take on an aquatic adventure like tubing or renting a couple of jet skis and acting like kids.
  11. Even worse - take the day off and go swimming with sharks at UShaka. If you're not in KZN, make it a Friday off and jump on a plane for a sneaky sexy date weekend.
  12. Going from day to night - what's better than making your partner scream? Nothing - so go check out a local haunted spot for a date that'll get the blood pumping. Ask your local community what spots are rumoured to be haunted. In Gauteng you can visit the infamous abandoned hospital in Kempton Park, you basically can't throw a rock in Cullinan without hitting a haunted spot (allegedly), and Cape Town being one of the oldest cities in the country has no shortage of supernatural places - if you would believe others.
  13. Does a real life haunted spot seem a little weird for a date? Search for a local escape room experience and put your relationship through the ultimate test of solving creepy puzzles together. You're bound to walk out with a stronger bond (or newly single, depending on how it goes).
  14. Indoor adventures are ideal for winter, how about visiting a local shooting range with your partner? The endorphins and adrenaline from shooting big guns will make for a fun afternoon nap.
  15. If real guns are a little too much, you can always gather some friends and hit up a local paintball range for a friendly competition. The best thing about playing paintball as an adult is that you can drink as much as you need to dull the pain afterward - and apply some TLC to your partner's sore spots and count it as foreplay.

These adrenaline-fueled date ideas will get the blood and hormones rushing - all you have to do is rush home for the grand finale.

Keep on #havingfun with your partner to build a stronger relationship. For #morefun, there's always Takbok.