"I have a headache" - excuse, or female sexual dysfunction?

When it comes to sexual dysfunction, most people tend to think about erectile dysfunction. However, many women suffer from female sexual dysfunction and as a result they have low libido, which means they have no desire to engage in sexual activity, and/or low sexual response.

Low sexual response is that the body does not respond with arousal when stimulated, even if the desire to have sex is there. So in her head, she's in the mood. But her body just isn't getting the message.

Unfortunately, this is often joked about and made out to be a "woman thing" where she pretends to have a headache to escape sex. But this is no laughing matter!

It can be very frustrating for both partners and put strain on any relationship when the one partner is simply never in the mood to have sex. And when it happens, they do not enjoy themselves - and want to "get it over with".

Does any of this sound familiar?

If your female partner isn't "in the mood" and never seems to get in the mood, despite your best efforts, you may need to seek help for female sexual dysfunction.

Having sex when not aroused can be incredibly painful for a woman. For example, she will not produce natural lubricant which can mean that penetrative sex with friction tears the inside of the vagina and damages the tissue. Other symptoms may include an uncomfortable tightness when entered or the inability to reach climax at all.

This sounds like a total disaster, right? Who can have a good time when you're feeling physical pain and no desire to have sex?

Nobody, that's who.

Female sexual dysfunction can have different causes, and the causes are mostly:

  1. Psychological
  2. Hormonal
  3. Physical

Psychological causes can be, for example, anxiety, depression, long-term stress, and certain psychological events like mothers of newborns experience. It can also be caused by low self esteem or body issues due, even cultural or religious aspects which can influence self esteem and body image.

If this isn't enough, hormonal imbalances can also cause female sexual dysfunction. Especially after menopause, childbirth, or during breastfeeding. As estrogen levels lower, physiological changes happen that hampers sexual arousal and desire.

Physical causes such as arthritis, urinary tract problems, and even literally a real headache can also severely impact sexual response. Medication can also cause a lower response, like chronic medication for depression or blood pressure, even antihistamines for allergies can kill her sex drive.

Remember that Takbok #meerhoring is not intended for nor safe for consumption by women. However, Takbok men can help their female partners suffering from female sexual dysfunction by having open, real conversations about these topics and seeking solutions together while also communicating about her (and your) needs in a safe and constructive way.

This article includes information from https://www.menshealth.co.za/female-sexual-dysfunction/


Disclaimer: No information on this page may be taken as medical advice or used to perform a diagnosis of any kind. Always seek the help of a medical professional.