Meet Henry - I know stress is affecting my performance

*The names and images of this story has been changed to protect individual privacy and convey a message. It is not intended to be medical advice or give medical guidance in any way. Any individual must always consult with their medical practitioner if they suspect sexual dysfunction or before taking unknown substances.

"I'm almost too ashamed to admit this because men are supposed to be really tough and always horny."

Meet Henry. He is in his early 30s and has a stable , high paying job. He has a great wife, no kids, he exercises, he gets his Vitality points and ebucks. Just a regular guy. His sex life should be the least of his worries, right?

"What I've learned over the years is that your sex life isn't just physical. When I was younger, it was all physical. My wife would look at me the wrong way and I was ready to go. But now in my 30s and as I'm maturing I've realised that sex, especially in marriage, is affected by mental health too."

Stress has a very big impact on men's libido. Financial stress, work stress, and even social stress can all affect a man's mood when it comes to bedroom matters. This is what Henry has learned. You can take good care of your body, but when stress hits you if has a big impact on your sex life.

"I love my wife, but her job isn't nearly as stressful as mine. I also take care of more of our financial risks and I worry about those a lot. I find ways to relax like running, but some days are just hectic and you get home from the day's work or you get off your last call for the day it you just can't get turned on.

"I've reduced my alcohol consumption to the minimum, I now only drink for special social occasions. My diet is healthy and I'm physically fit as a runner. I'd love to be more adventurous in bed and blow my wife's mind every night, but I really can't get there when I'm actually stressing out about work."

Henry's story highlights the importance of your mental health when it comes to sex. Unlike a physical injury, stress is a silent fun-spoiler. It decreases dopamine levels and can even be tied to chronic stress-induced depression.

"What I've been thinking for the past couple of years is actually that I'd love to feel like I did in my 20s or something. When it was just easy to get turned on and have a good time, I could go 2 or 3 times a day even. I would love to feel like that again. Takbok helps me remember that guy and makes me feel like that. It makes me feel 21 again - you're harder, you can go more rounds, every time you finish is just the best feeling ever."

If you can remember what sex felt like when you were 21 and you'd like to feel like that again - Takbok has got your back. As a natural booster it still requires stimulation to work, and the effects lasts 72 hours or longer. When life's stress gets in theĀ  way, take a weekend off from it with Takbok and your partner.

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