Meet James - I just use Takbok for fun

*The names and images of this story has been changed to protect individual privacy and convey a message. It is not intended to be medical advice or give medical guidance in any way. Any individual must always consult with their medical practitioner if they suspect sexual dysfunction or before taking unknown substances.

"I'm in my 20s and honestly, I don't need to brag about getting partners to be interested in me - all my friends know that I'm good to go."

James, in his 20s, is unmarried and uncommitted. He is physically active, takes good care of himself, and he is an attractive guy.

As a university graduate, James holds a good job. His hobbies include going out and outdoors activities somewhere around a beach. His city lifestyle affords plenty of opportunity to meet people and go out with new people.

James started using Takbok - not because he was experiencing ED symptoms, but because he sometimes struggles to maintain a strong pace given his active social life. Alcohol consumption, work stress, and just being plain tired sometimes get to him. Now, Takbok is a regular part of his routine.

"I really don't mind taking Takbok occasionally when I want to have a good time. My partners are always blown away by the experience, it puts less pressure on me to perform, and it fits into my lifestyle. I enjoy sex and Takbok gives me an edge.

"Men don't talk honestly about their sexual health. Every guy will tell you he's a stud in bed, and their girlfriends will probably tell you the truth behind their backs. It's a shame that men are still taking pride in being sexually unsafe and thinking that their manhood is tied to their sexual performance alone. I'm sure we've evolved past that."

James's story is common - men don't talk honestly about the effect of stress or lifestyle habits on their sexual performance. With Takbok, men without ED symptoms can get a boost with up to 5 x more stamina, quicker recovery times, and a more intense climax. It's all natural ingredients makes it safe to use on a regular basis.

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