Meet Jeanine - I'm married to a man with performance issues

*The names and images of this story has been changed to protect individual privacy and convey a message. It is not intended to be medical advice or give medical guidance in any way. Any individual must always consult with their medical practitioner if they suspect sexual dysfunction or before taking unknown substances.

Meet Jeanine - happily married, but her partner struggles with sexual performance.

"I've been happily married for almost 5 years now. Honestly, I can't complain about my husband. He is almost perfect. This is awkward but I want more sex than he does."

For many women like Jeanine, sexual performance and libido is a tender subject to raise. No man wants to hear from his wife what he isn't admitting to himself. However, it is vital that couples keep their line of communication open about their sexual relationship.

"I honestly didn't know how to breach the subject with him. It's not like it is lackluster when we have sex, but it was never enough for me. I would have to initiate sex, and then he'd often shoot me down."

Unfortunately in cases like Janine's, it has a strong psychological effect on women. The feelings of "rejection" builds up to the point where one partner can develop self-esteem issues.

"I started thinking that I'm not sexy enough for my husband! It sound ridiculous, but because I didn't know what was going on I kept on finding the fault with myself. I stopped trying new things with him or dressing up in sexy lingerie, I became obsessed with my weight, I tried different diets and exercises. I became obsessed with trying to be more attractive for my husband. Nothing worked. He still didn't want to have sex as often as I did."

Communication is key as Jeanine and her husband reached a tipping point. Before the marriage was damaged, they started to talk about it.

"I think we both realised that... it couldn't go on this way. He finally admitted that he felt guilty about the situation and he feels that it is his fault. I suddenly realised how my behaviour affected his self worth as well. Once we started talking, many things came out into the open. He told me that it is something he has struggled with previous partners as well."

Finally, Jeanine and her husband came to an agreement about their expectations of one another. 5 years into their marriage, they could start resolving their problems.

"My husband now regularly use Takbok to boost his libido. The cause of his low libido might be testosterone, stress, or even depression, I guess we'll never know until he is ready to visit a doctor or psychiatrist. I won't force him to do that before he is ready, but until then Takbok has enhanced our marriage so much. I am definitely happier and he feels great when he can make me happy. He isn't shy about using Takbok at all, because we talked openly. We even now make fun inside jokes about it!"

There are many more women like Jeanine. The partners of men with ED or sexual performance issues often suffer the same, even more when they struggle to talk about it. Takbok as a natural product is a safe way to start resolving and start talking about these issues in your relationship.

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