Meet Martin - I'm not that old yet, am I?

*The names and images of this story has been changed to protect individual privacy and convey a message. It is not intended to be medical advice or give medical guidance in any way. Any individual must always consult with their medical practitioner if they suspect sexual dysfunction or before taking unknown substances.

Meet Martin - in his 50s, but far from old, right?

"Honestly, I didn't expect it to happen even though it is common sense. As I got older, my sexual performance definitely decreased. My libido is lower, my stamina is less, all of that. I don't feel old though."

For men in their 50s and 60s, even late 40s, it can come as a surprise when you realise you're not the young buck you used to be. Yet, is totally natural.

"Growing up, you know, my generation... we didn't talk about things like sex. It's taboo, and many of people my age that are still married even struggle to talk about sex with their wives or partners."

When you're in your 50s, the kids have left the nest, and you are settled in your career, it is time to rekindle your passion and romantic relationship. Many people experience a "second life" in the bedroom around this time. It is also an ideal time to talk to your partner about sex again. The generations that grew up with sex between consenting, even married, adults being taboo, will find this difficult.

"Now, if you realise that your sexual performance isn't what it used to be, it's easier to just sweep it under the rug and stop having sex altogether. You know, real men don't admit they are struggling to get it up. Many men my age are divorced now and they wouldn't even consider getting a new partner because the pressure is just too much.

"I'm glad I got Takbok. It's giving me the feeling of being young again. It's a really easy way to improve your performance when mother nature reminds you you're not 20 anymore! (laughs) I can shop for it online, I don't have to go to a doctor or buy little blue pills from a doctor."

From 18 to 80, Takbok is a great addition to any sex life. For older men, Takbok is a good alternative to prescription medication which are both expensive and interferes with chronic medication. It even goes well with a glass (or two) of red wine.

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