Meet Michael - I've been struggling with low libido since my teens

*The names and images of this story has been changed to protect individual privacy and convey a message. It is not intended to be medical advice or give medical guidance in any way. Any individual must always consult with their medical practitioner if they suspect sexual dysfunction or before taking unknown substances.

"I don't know why, but I've never felt normal. Even as a teenager. I wasn't obsessed with sex."

Michael's story is the one that never gets told. He is 24 years old now. But at 21 he first realised that he can't keep up with the expectations of a guy his age.

"Like, even as a teenager I couldn't understand how all of the guys seemed to be obsessed with sex and their genitals. I've just never felt that way - and I thought something was seriously wrong with me. I didn't seem to think about sex as much as the guys around me. When I got to varsity at 18, I was in Res [the university male residence] and it just got worse, every guy seemed to want to screw anything that moved and I started to feel more and more alienated from my them.

"I started lying about it, to fit in. But by the time I was 21, I was dating a crazy girl with a really high sex drive. Now, imagine me, a poor 21 year old, awkwardly going to Clicks and Dischem looking for a booster pill. At that time, the only thing I could find and afford was basically a multivitamin. I tried it anyways."

As a result of this, Michael started avoiding having sexual partners all together. He would avoid talking about sex with his friends in social situations. 

Michael is now in a committed relationship and having a low libido is still a problem for him. Michael uses Takbok because it helps him match his libido with his partner's.

"I have never gone to the doctor about this before, I probably never will. It's not like there's something wrong when I do want it, it's just that I want it less than other people. Takbok is helping me gain confidence so I never have to worry about going flat halfway in because I'm actually faking it for the sake of my partner (which has happened before).

"What I like about Takbok is that it's discreet, I can order it online. Like I don't know how many guys are walking around out there that feels the same as me, I guess we'll never know. But if there is someone, I hope he reads this and knows that there are other 21 year old guys that went through what they're going through. You're not alone and you don't have to be ashamed to get something that boosts your confidence and libido."

Takbok is a natural male booster that enhances your libido. It gives your more stamina to go more times and helps you maintain a healthy sex life at any age. It is natural, so it can be used daily or occasionally.

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