Naughty or Nice - have more fun with your partner this festive season

With family, finances, and after a long year - the holidays can be stressful enough. Spice up your sex life this holiday with these sex games that will get you laid, guaranteed.

1. Vibrating underwear at family dinner

Want to really amp things up to a new level of kinky? Give your partner a pair of sexy vibrating underwear, or a remote control vibrator toy, and take it to family dinner or a public event, then tease then until you can't wait to get home for all the right reasons!

Check out this Vibrating Panty Set at Matildas for R695

Check out this Remote Control Vibrating Cock Ring from Matildas for R1295


2. Game Night

Game nights just for two can be just as fun! Add some sexy twists to a night in by using a fun sex game. Keep it simple and fun by introducing a set of sex dice, which are a combination of dice you roll and each roll gives you specific acts to perform for a certain time. Guaranteed to have you and your partner begging for more!

Get the Sexy 6 Foreplay Edition sex dice from Luv Land for R169.90


3. Get a Couples Kit

Especially if you or your partner are new to sex games, trying a couple kit is a simple way of getting your imagination started. These kits will typically include various items to be used with or without instructions. Dip into fantasies like bondage, edging, roleplay, and more using kits that guide the experience.

Try the Slap & Tickle Beginners S&M Kit Pink from Luv Land for R749.90

A great beginner set ToyJoy Just for You Deluxe Box from My Sex Shop for R899


4. A Sexy Advent Calendar

Who says you can only get one gift? Create your own fun version of a sexy advent calendar, with each day leading up to Christmas having its own naughty gift or activity. Your partner will want to wake up every morning to see what they get to do to you that day!

Some fun ideas include:

- A sexy activity for the day

- A small sexy gift like a scarf for light bondage or a bullet vibrator

- A move from the Kama Sutra to explore together on that day

- A sexy instruction that will keep them on the edge all day long

- Sharing a dirty secret or fantasy you've never shared before


5. Embracing holiday foods

If you're going to over indulge this holiday, you might as well make the most of it! Introduce some fun holiday foods into the bedroom - rich melted chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream, even some Amarula or Baily's as body shots can add a whole lot of fun to an ordinary night!

Add something sexy like this Edible Body Paint from Matildas for R355

These next few options are totally budget friendly and requires mostly your imagination to play with!


6. Cook Naked 

Nothing like seeing your partner in an unusual setting stripped of all the normal coverings and embracing their body! While you're spending time in the kitchen for holiday preparations, surprise your partner by bringing in some nudity and only wearing an apron. The element of surprise and seeing you in an unusual setting without any clothes will kickstart their desire and set you both in a great holiday mood!


7. Prepare for next year's sexual adventures with a sex jar

Couples will love this - create a jar filled with your sexual fantasies and greatest desires to explore in the coming year with your partner. Each week or month, select one item from the jar and perform that sex act / fulfil that fantasy. This game is great for couples only starting out with exploring their sexually adventurous sides - you get to write down what you like, without the commitment of having to do it right then and there. By the time you do get to your more daring fantasies, you'll have fun finally exploring it with your partner!


8. Stay at home

One of the best things to do this year over the holidays, is to stay at home! A sexy day indoors with your partner can lead to a lot of fun. Stay in bed and play the Stop and Start game throughout the day with your partner. At any given point, you set a timer on your phone (keep it between 1 and 4 minutes). Each partner gets a turn to do anything they've ever wanted to their partner, or to try something new, only for the duration of the timer. When the timer stops, you have to stop the activity. Try to avoid penetration though, as it might be game over much quicker than either of you intended! At some point during the day you and your partner will be overcome with need and it'll be some of the best sex you ever had because the build up lasted so long.


9. Go skinny dipping

The best part of a hot African summer Christmas is the pool side pleasures! Surprise your partner with a sexy midnight swim in the nude and enjoy the warm summer air with the cold water that'll awake all kinds of new sensations.


10. Sexy online shopping

Avoid the shops this season and shop online! Get your supply of Takbok on here, then go on a sexy shopping spree with your partner. You're guaranteed to find out more about their adventurous side as you debate over what to add to the cart!


Are you ready for the sexiest holiday yet?

After a rough year for so many people, it takes some work getting that spark back in the relationship. Couples that play together, stay together!