South Africans are having unsatisfying sex - and herbal boosters are their go-to remedy

The 2024 Consumer Report by Takbok #meerhoring showed that 67% of people in South Africa are unsatisfied with their sexual relationships - and 64% believe their partners are unsatisfied too.

In this study, conducted with over 500 consumers, it seems that more younger people are turning toward herbal erection boosters to improve their sex lives - the majority in their 30s, followed closely by men in their 40s and 50s.

Even men under 20 are considering herbal erections boosters - and here are the reasons why.

Premature Ejaculation is rife among South African men

From under 20s to 60+ years, men are reporting Premature Ejaculation as one of the most prominent medical conditions affecting their sex lives. Among men in their 20s and 30s Depression is another leading medical condition impacting their sexual function.

From ages 50 and up Erectile Dysfunction becomes more prominent. The petrol price and loadshedding is enough to kill anyone's libido, but lifestyle factors also play an important role. Most men reported never or rarely exercising and drinks 0-2 servings of alcohol per day.

Married men are affected by their sexual function - and they're not having much sex

The vast majority of men who are interested in taking a herbal erection booster is married - and they're not having a lot of sex, it seems. Among the age groups that are mostly married, they are mostly having sex less than once per month.

Men in their 20s who are mostly single are also seeing action less than once per month. Men in their 30s remain more sexually active, many reporting having sex 2 - 4 x per week, but from there on it only drops as they age with more men in each age group up to 60+ having sex less than once per month.

But the younger groups are making up for it - men under 20 are sexually active more than 5 x per week.

Men are trying different things - and turning more toward herbal remedies for sexual performance

Consumers have tried various remedies for their sexual function in the past - including products containing the active ingredients Sildenafil and Tadalafil - and most of them (more than 60%) are now trying herbal boosters for the first time.

Why are consumers turning toward herbal boosters?

The leading reason among men of all ages for trying a herbal erection booster is to improve the strength of their erection, followed closely by the need to prevent premature ejaculation - a prevalent medical condition among men in South Africa.

However, there are other reasons they are preferring a more natural alternative for their sexual performance - improving stamina (to have sex for longer) is important for men at all ages, while they also want to have a more pleasurable climax and improve their libido.

Men are using herbal erection boosters for the following reasons -

  • Improve strength of erection - 90%
  • Prevent premature ejaculation - 80%
  •  Improve stamina during sexual activity - 75%
  • To have a stronger and more pleasurable climax - 65%
  • To improve libido - 55%
  • To have sex more frequently - 50%
  • To get an erection when they are not in the mood - 40%
  • To improve sexual performance that is affected by medication - 30%
  • To improve sexual performance when consuming alcohol - 25%

It seems like South African men are definitely ready to have better sex in 2024 -  and they desperately need it to improve the satisfaction in their sexual relationships!

Luckily, if you're here looking for #morefun you're in the right place.

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