The REAL question is - are you small enough?

It's been proven by multiple studies that the size you're sporting doesn't matter nearly as much as men feel it does.

Let's get into the facts, as they stand:

1. Real women do NOT report higher desire for a large penis.

2. The penis size most women indicated that they prefer, matches the actual average penis size of men.

3. The myth that bigger is better comes not from sexual partner's preferences, but in the ways men typically "sized" each other up. Your sexual partner doesn't care nearly as much as you think.

4. An abnormally large penis at worst hurts your partner, or causes discomfort at least.

5. In the end, it's all about making your partner feel special and wanted - not what you put in!

So... you might be small enough, but are you confident that you're using it the right way? If you are wondering, we've put together an exclusive guide for men to be better at sex.

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