Why does a man's sex drive decrease: a checklist

Flash a sly smile and he's 0 to 100 faster than a Ferrari... or not.

It's common to accept that typical men have a higher sex drive than typical women. But that's not nearly the case.

Men's libido is affected by multiple factors. There are  many common causes that could lead to a decrease in sex drive - if you or your male partner is experiencing a sudden decrease in "lust", check off the possible causes here:

- Financial stress

- Work stress

- Lifestyle - eating, drinking, weight, too little or too much exercise

- Age

- Naturally low testosterone levels or hormonal imbalances

- Chronic or pain medication

- Mental health

- Chronic illness such as diabetes

- Lack of quality sleep

- Low self-esteem

- Excessive alcohol use

- Drug use

Practically every couple needs to find a balance as lifestyle, natural hormone levels, and individuals' libidos differ.

Before you run off exercising and visiting a doctor, first let's clarify what "low libido" means:

First, always compare the libido to what the "normal" level is for an individual. This will establish if there's a dramatic change for the individual.

Comparing your libido against what is expected or what other men say about theirs is NOT accurate.

If you compare your libido against what is "normal" for you and you have been experiencing a noticeable or drastic decrease for a couple of weeks, without an obvious cause that you can identify from this list, then it is time to head to a medical doctor and check out any underlying mental or physical causes.

Are you experiencing low libido due to stress or medication? Remember, Takbok has got your back!


Information in this article from Healthline